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 Abgasreinigung, Abluftreinigung, Wasseraufbereitung  Popular
Wessel-Umwelttechnik GmbH, Hamburg delivers turn key plants for the wood industry to protect the environment. Wessel plants work for MDF, OSB, Chipboard, wood pulp treatment with biological and membrane plants.
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 Allard Lumber Company  Popular
* We will manage your woodlot as if it were our own, after determining your needs and any ecological requirements. * Long-term good relationships are more important to us than short-term profits. We want you to call us again in another 10 or 15 years for re-harvesting. * We will meet or exceed state and federal regulations for environmental protection. * We will make every effort to establish a complete understanding of the logging process and a clear timber sale agreement with the owner before cutting begins. * Our foresters will continue to learn and practice modern forestry science.
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 BASF Aktiengesellschaft  Popular
Brilliant Sslutions with pigments from BASF; D-67056 Ludwigshafen
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 BROWMAN Freight Services Inc.  Popular
Why deal with numerous companies when Browman Freight can co-ordinate your overall shipping requirements with one call. Our global network of dedicated people can track your shipments from door to door, saving you time, money, and many needless hassles; 2800 14th Avenue, Suite 301 Markham, Ontario L3R 0E4
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 Cobodex Export Inc.  Popular
Cobodex Export Inc. is located in Montreal, Canada. With three sawmills supplying a full array of Northern species on a consistent basis, our sales professionals continue to find buyers receptive to the high-quality lumber we produce.
[ Bereich Säge- / Hobelwerke | Hits 167 | Modifizieren | Fehlerhaften Link melden ]

 Cole Hardwood, Inc.  Popular
Making sure every step, from the computer-controlled kiln drying to our one-on-one customer service, is focused on quality. The kind of quality that´s only possible with commitment. From every department. From every person. Every day. Cole Hardwood, Inc.
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Finnforest Corporation is a rapidly growing international group. Its core business is producing and marketing sawn timber, plywood and highly processed special wood products. Customers include industrial end users, DIY outlets and merchants, and suppliers of advanced building systems. The Corporation has activities in 18 countries, with a total of 3 900 employees and a turnover of EUR 1139 million.
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 Gutchess Lumber Company, Inc.  Popular
Family owned and operated for four generations, Gutchess Lumber Company, Inc. manufactures northern hardwoods at Cortland, New York and Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Assets include forest land, three band mills with two band resaws, over four million feet of com
[ Bereich Übersee | Hits 103 | Modifizieren | Fehlerhaften Link melden ]

 HAGLÖF Sweden AB  Popular
Today, Haglöf Sweden AB manufacture and sell the most complete program for cruising and inventory work in the forest, and many of the instruments are also adapted for use in other working fields, such as building dimension, road construction, police work, gardening e.t.c. Our product range stretches from manual instruments such as the increment borer Coretax, the precision caliper Mantax, the thread distance measurer Walktax, the Marktax marking system, to technologically advanced computerized instruments for the very accurate measurements you need, with product names as the Mantax Computer Caliper, the Vertex Hypsometer and the DME 201; Box 28, Klockargatan 8, S-882 21 Långsele
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 HAVCO Wood Products, Inc. 
HAVCO Wood Products Incorporated hardwoods come from the Appalachian region where fine hardwoods nurtured by the areas cool, moist climate become the world´s finest temperate hardwoods. With HAVCO, quality is not just talk, but an attitude. The hardwood
[ Bereich Übersee | Hits 72 | Modifizieren | Fehlerhaften Link melden ]

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