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All of our sheds are constructed using sustainable timber sources. Whether you need a simple garden shed, tool shed or large industrial shed then we can design and build it to your own specification; Greenholme, Newcastleton, TD9 0SB
[ Bereich Holzbau - Dächer - Dachrinnen | Hits 96 | Modifizieren | Fehlerhaften Link melden ]

Finnforest Corporation is a rapidly growing international group. Its core business is producing and marketing sawn timber, plywood and highly processed special wood products. Customers include industrial end users, DIY outlets and merchants, and suppliers of advanced building systems. The Corporation has activities in 18 countries, with a total of 3 900 employees and a turnover of EUR 1139 million.
[ Bereich Säge- / Hobelwerke | Hits 239 | Modifizieren | Fehlerhaften Link melden ]

 FIREFLY AB  Popular
How to protect industrial processes from fire and dust explosions. Process know-how, scientific fact and customer-adapted solutions for greater safety and productivity. Årstaängsvägen 19, SE-100 74 Stockholm
[ Bereich Sonstige Maschinen | Hits 114 | Modifizieren | Fehlerhaften Link melden ]

 Industrial Timber & Land Co. 
We pride ourselves as hardwood problem solvers, and welcome the opportunity to work with you, to provide answers for all your raw material questions, requirements, and demonstrate how ITL can be your product-to-market partner.
[ Bereich Übersee | Hits 63 | Modifizieren | Fehlerhaften Link melden ]

 Iris Ceramica: Italian Ceramic Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles, Porcelain Tile 
Italian ceramic and porcelain tile for indoor and outdoor use. Residential, commercial and industrial flooring. Wall tiles for bathrooms and kitchens.
[ Bereich Design & Kunst | Hits 87 | Modifizieren | Fehlerhaften Link melden ]

 ISW - Industrial Strength Woodworking Virtual Trade Show 
"A ""cookie"" is a special text file that a Web site puts on your hard disk so that it can remember something about you at a later time. Typically, a cookie records your preferences when using a particular site."
[ Bereich Suchmaschinen | Hits 75 | Modifizieren | Fehlerhaften Link melden ]

 MANITOU Deutschland GmbH Stapler  Popular
THE MSI 30D Comfortable, accessible and easy to drive, the MSI 30 D improves the working environment for everyone in the timber trade. Designed to be fully ergonomic, it offers increased productivity and total safety. The range of fork-lift trucks that gave rise to the MANITOU semi-industrial diesel MSI 30 D has set a world-wide benchmark. The perfect technological mastery and experience of the MANITOU Group have given birth to a truck that no timber-handling company can afford be without. Dieselstrasse 34, D-61239 Ober-Mörlen
[ Bereich Fördertechnik - Lagertechnik - Stapler | Hits 349 | Modifizieren | Fehlerhaften Link melden ]

 MOBILTRE Srl  Popular
Produzione componenti semilavoratori per l`industria del mobile. Distribuzione componenti e accessori per l`industria del mobile. Produzione mobili finiti e con specializzazione nell`arredo bagno/cucina a proggetto; Via Padova 14/16; I-20300 Camnago Lentate sul S. (MI)
[ Bereich Möbelkomponenten | Hits 122 | Modifizieren | Fehlerhaften Link melden ]

 Nicolet Hardwoods Corporation  Popular
Pulling for you since 1872. Beams Blocking Cabinet Rails & Stiles Edge Glued Pannels Fence Stock Finger Jointing Flooring Frame Stock Gunstock Blanks & Squares Heavy Thickness Lumber Industrial Timbers Interior Trim, Moulding & Millwork Length & Width Sep
[ Bereich Holzhandel | Hits 139 | Modifizieren | Fehlerhaften Link melden ]

 OGDEN Enterprises Inc.  Popular
Rotoplane Rotoplane rotary planing machines are the modern way to calibrate wood and other man-made products such as polymers, acrylics, etc. These versatile machines offer you improved quality, productivity, and significant cost savings compared to conventional planers. Terminator To give you the most information possible about our new product, we converted the Terminator brochure into Acrobat format. Please download Acrobat Reader to your computer for reviewing this brochure, or just call, and we would be happy to send you one; 1320 Industrial Drive, USA-Matthews NC 28105
[ Bereich Maschinen, Werkzeuge und Zubehör | Hits 169 | Modifizieren | Fehlerhaften Link melden ]

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